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DoorDash is a delivery service that has expanded to San Diego over the last year. You can read about our first experience here. If you don’t want to go back and read it the truncated version is we liked their food delivery service because it was on time and easy to use. The food was still warm and is comparable to when you pick up food yourself and bring it home right away. Since the time we reviewed their food delivery service they have expanded into delivering alcohol in Southern California and they offered for us to try it out.

If you’ve ever read our blog you know that Michael and I aren’t huge drinkers. Luckily I was meeting up with friends and sure enough, they offered to be of service.

Some of the current vendors they partner with include Prepkitchen, Hillcrest Brewing Company, and Mike Hess Brewing. Mike Hess was the closest location to me and we started looking over their offerings. The interface is fairly simple to use and you can click on each menu option to see more details.

As you can see, Mike Hess does a phenomenal job describing their Grazias Vienna Cream Ale.

Here’s what we ended up ordering. The middle two were 6 packs of 16oz. cans and the other two were single 32oz. cans.

Another feature I appreciate is the ability to choose a delivery time. There are instances I want to order things ahead of time and I like the ability to specify when I would like the delivery to be made.

Before you finalize your order you can leave a tip to the delivery driver which I find much easier and less awkward that doing it in cash.


And of course they wouldn’t want someone who was underage ordering so they have a little disclaimer to discourage that from happening.

That’s it! They do mention they might be early so be prepared in case that happens.

Cool logo if I must say so myself. There are other alcohol delivery services that deliver warm beer straight from warehouses. DoorDash is working on utilizing their existing partnerships to deliver straight from the source along with food if they offer it.

Our beer came ice cold.

I managed to try one beer: the Jucundus Orange Honey Wheat beer. Boy was it smooth. It had pleasant citrus notes and was nice and light. I hope my friend didn’t polish this off as I was hoping to try it next time I’m over. The description reminded me of some of the beers I had while I studied abroad in London. 

Originally I wanted to try the Ficus Dark Strong Ale with Figs. I’ve never had beer flavored with figs and that sounded fun to me. Unfortunately they didn’t carry that at the time so they suggested the Umbrix Rye Imperial Stout. My friends loved the Umbrix. One of them strongly dislikes any dark beer but she actually said she would drink it again. I stole a sip of it before it disappeared and this one was obviously thicker, but still very smooth. There was a nice coffee finish.

Their 16oz. cans had lids that removed the entire top of the can off. It made for faster and easier consumption.

In summary, the app was as easy as can be to use. My friend who hosted said he would consider using the service in the future. One last thing I wish I could comment on was delivery time, which I know is one of the most important ones. Unfortunately, they made an exception for me since I’m currently outside of their delivery zone. That made the timing a little off. But what I will note is that Anh has tried them twice over the last two weeks and each time they arrived about 20 minutes early. So again, be prepared to dash a little bit early to your door.

They also provided a promo code: SDFOODNET to try their alcohol delivery service which gives you $7 off $20 orders. It will work even if you are a returning customer. I hope they do continue to grow and expand their delivery zone. Sometimes you just need someone else to do all the work without the hassle. DoorDash certainly helps simplify things.

Disclaimer: We were given credit and small compensation to try out the DoorDash alcohol delivery service, but the opinions stated are our own.

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