Herb & Wood – Little Italy, San Diego

Herb & Wood

Jorgina and I recently celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary with a fun staycation in San Diego.  On our second evening, I made reservations at Brian Malarkey’s newest restaurant, Herb & Wood.

Nestled in San Diego’s Little Italy, Herb & Wood is the perfect new addition to an already vibrant resurgence of hip and cool flavors.

Just a few doors down from Juniper & Ivy, Herb & Wood set up shop in a cool industrial building which was formerly a furniture store.


The space is quite large and they’ve decided to create more than just a restaurant.  They are also working on a marketplace adjacent to the restaurant which will open soon.


We loved the high ceilings and smart decor.


Vodka & Grapes – $13.00

Jorgina enjoyed this martini drink and described it as, “sweet and refreshing”.


(Unlisted Menu Item – Artisan Rolls – $6.33)

This is their home made pull away bread – painted generously with butter and sprinkled with salt and herbs.

It was super moist and piping hot.  A great way to begin our meal!


Smoked Trout Toast, Pullman, Creme Fraiche, Parsley & Caper Shallot Salad, Trout Roe – $7.77

Jorgina saw this on the menu and it quickly became her first pick.

Let’s just say, she was right on the money… probably the best dish of the entire night, and that says A LOT!


Sage Parpadelle, Confit Chicken, Egg Yolk, Pistachio, Verjus, Ricotta Salata – $22.64

*Black Truffle Accompaniment – $20.00

Choosing the main courses was super tough.  There were a ton of dishes we wanted to try, but we had to settle on two!  We actually almost order an extra one just for the variety, but it’s a good thing we didn’t since the portions were generous and we didn’t have a fridge in the hotel.

We chose the homemade parpadelle because it sounded delicious.  But, to make it even better, they were offering a special truffle accompaniment this evening… shaved by Chef Malarkey himself!

Hope you enjoy the video.  🙂

The pasta was delicious and you cannot go wrong with truffles!  I don’t know that it needed the chicken confit since it competed with the simplicity of the dish.

Nevertheless, this dish left us satisfied and very full!


Roasted Baby Carrots, Cashew Sesame Dukkah, Aleppo Yogurt & Carrot Top Pesto – $9.64

I loved the cashews with these sweet carrots.  It added a great texture and nutty flavor that was interesting.


Roasted Branzino, Lemon Herb Stuffing, Olives & Chili Tapenade, & Serrano Ham – $38.78

We figured we’d add on a fish dish to lighten things up since we already had the parpadelle.

I must say that the presentation was fantastic!  I loved how they wrapped the serrano ham around the branzino.

However, it was a touch salty with so much ham hugging the fish.  Add the tapenade, and it was an explosion of flavor!

Great idea, but a touch too powerful for us this evening.


Chef Brian Malarkey posing with us after showering our parpadelle with truffles!


Deconstructed TWIX for dessert!  Comp’d for our anniversary.  Thanks!!


Overall, we had an incredible experience this evening.  Service was impeccable and the flavors were fun and inspired.

Chef Brian Malarkey has done it again!  If you want a reservation, you’d best check a couple weeks in advance (at least).

I can’t wait to come back soon.


Herb & Wood
2210 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101



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  1. Mm that’s a generous shaving of truffles! And jealous that you guys got to meet Chef Malarkey! 🙂 This place is definitely bookmarked on my list.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised at home many truffles he shaved on too! Maybe because I was videoing him… haha. 🙂

      I think you and S will love it! Another fantastic eatery by Chef B.M.

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