Sloan’s – Downtown

A new Sloan’s ice cream shop opened in May at the newly renovated Horton Plaza Park right next to, you guessed it, Horton Plaza. They have another location in the UTC mall.

The plaza is very nice and open. I’m sure they have events there and it would be cool to hang out if I worked in downtown. The only other food/beverage vendor there is Starbucks. 

There’s also some semi-covered seating in front which is great for those hot sunny days when you do not want your ice cream to instantly melt.

Circus Box Sundae: a treasure box with a scoop of circus ice cream, hot fudge, gummy bears, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry

The kids would help be our taste testers today and they of course had to get the Circus Box Sundae! It normally comes with Circus ice cream which is cotton candy flavored ice cream with gummy bears. Since there were two rascals with us, one of the boxes they got with Cookie Monster ice cream instead. It’s like cookies and cream ice cream with homemade chocolate chip cookies mixed in.

Both kids emphatically approved of what was happening. Eating off shirts never tasted better.

Banana Split: 3 delicious scoops of your choice, 3 different wet toppings, 1 banana, lots of ground nuts, fresh whipped cream, and 3 cherries

Once fact about me is that I was deprived as a kid from banana splits. I knew of their existence, but for whatever reason kept a safe distance from it until a few years ago. I’ll admit, the thought of banana splits might be far greater than the actual consumption of it. That’s probably due to me hyping it up. But they are still awesome. Sloan’s version is even better because you get to choose 3 different types of ice cream. With so many interesting flavors this made it easier to not miss out on something.

I went with the Luscious Sloan’s Dark, Coffee & Doughnuts, and Cookie Monster ice creams. Super yum. It was a tie between Sloan’s Dark (chocolate ice cream with brownies, pecans, almonds, peanuts, toffee, and caramel) and Cookie Monster. Coffee & Doughnuts actually has Krispy Kreme doughnuts mixed in! I thought for sure that would be my favorite. But there just weren’t enough doughnuts mixed in for it to be noticeable. Overall, the ice cream was very creamy, decadent and smooth. It does melt quickly in the sun so better eat it asap!

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

No chocolates were spared in the making of this chocolate chunk cookie. This too was very rich and tasty.


Michael said his frappe was like a milkshake with coffee. Sounds good to me.

Happy Kiddos

The treasure boxes even came with a mini lock and key!


If you can’t tell the kids were fans of Sloan’s and the adults have to agree. I would return because they serve some unique flavors that I’ve never had before. Some of the ingredients are made in house too which is nice. Their prices are not bargain bin prices, but their portions are good and I filled up rather quickly.




Disclaimer: We were invited to try Sloan’s free of charge, but the opinions stated here are our own.

900 4th Ave
Unit 3
San Diego, CA 92101

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