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Cinnaholic is starting to spread its wings throughout San Diego. We previously visited the kiosk location at the Mission Valley Mall with the kids. They sure did enjoy themselves. This time, Michael and I would fill the void of uninhibited excitement the kids would normally bring at the new Pacific Beach location. Besides these two locations, they just opened one in Escondido at the North County Mall and are set to open another in the gaslamp as well. They have grown up and expanded quite a bit since their Shark Tank days.

The Pacific Beach location definitely has more space and a kitchen! The Mission Valley store believe it or not, doesn’t have an attached kitchen. They transport the rolls from an on-site kitchen in the Mission Valley mall.

The PB store also serves Cafe Virtuoso for a killer combo of coffee and cinnamon roll.

Just about every week they switch out some pre-configured cinnamon rolls. Sometimes it’s just easier to let them choose and you just eat. 🙂

Something I thought was cool the first time we visited were their baby buns. Kids surely don’t need an entire roll all to themselves or they’d be bouncing off the walls. 

And here these cute little buns are. One had vanilla frosting and the other had strawberry. Since the kiddos didn’t accompany us on this visit, Michael may have rewarded them with this at home. He also may have left no trace of it before he stepped foot in the house. Nobody knows. 

The pre-selected Butterscotch Brownie sounded good. It comes with brownies, chocolate chips, and butterscotch frosting. One thing I noticed right away was that the cinnamon rolls were warm! That was a huge deal for me at the other location since they were served room temperature. By the way, if you don’t know anything about Cinnaholic, their cinnamon rolls are all vegan and dairy free. They don’t openly flaunt that because it might scare some people off. If I didn’t know, I would never have guessed.

I liked this roll because the butterscotch wasn’t overly sweet and subtly added a nice layer of flavor along with the chocolate chips and brownies. And again, it being warm is everything to me.

Lindsey, the manager, mentioned a favorite of hers and it sung to me right away. Smores! Marshmallow frosting, graham crackers, and chocolate sauce. I don’t see how you can go wrong with that combination. And it was everything I wanted it to be. The only thing missing was the fire. 🙂

Michael also ordered an iced mocha which he seemed to enjoy as well with the rolls.


Last Thoughts

Their rolls are said to be half the calories of their competitors. With portions as large as they are these days, I can appreciate cutting a few calories here and there yet still get the sweet kick. Cinnaholic definitely fills a nice role (or roll) in providing unique flavors without the entire guilt trip. There’s no other place I’ve been to with such a large variety of topping’s and frosting’s to choose from. Plus, if you any allergies or are looking to find a vegan option, this is a no brainer. I do welcome a warm cinnamon roll during these colder winter nights and I’m happy there are more places to get them now. 🙂



Disclaimer: We were invited to try Cinnaholic and our dessert was complimentary.  However, our opinions remain our own.

4652 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109

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