SNOICE in Paradise Hills, San Diego


Just prior to Thanksgiving, we made a quick trip up to Paradise Hills to check out SNOICE.

*If you look a little closer, you’ll notice my daughter just outside the front door super eager to go inside!  Somehow she knew she’d be in a for a special treat.


SNOICE specializes in snow and ice desserts traditionally found in Taiwan and the Philipines.

They have a pretty cool story.  The founders, Jayrell and Dianne, started it up as a side project of the side of Dianne’s parents’ bakery.

What started out as a pop-up dessert bar has since evolved into a full fledged storefront and viable business.  From this point, they are working on taking their concept to the next level.


I like that their menu was simple and easy to understand.  All too often these days, menus offer way too many choices!


Here you can see Little K patiently awaiting her first bite of her snoice!


This was a medium original snoice (which was huge!) topped with oreos and strawberry pearls.

The ice was super fine, and had a perfect balance of sweetness and cream.

Jorgina and Darren both mentioned they like it better than Icekimo.


Next up we got a mango snoice with fresh strawberries, mango pearls, and crystal boba.  It’s a bit hard to describe the crystal boba, but it had more of a jelly consistency and offered a mild lychee flavor.


Darren ordered up a custom halo-halo with:

– toasted rice
– caramel flan
– jackfruit
– coconut strings
– coconut jelly
– jello
– mango ice cream
He really enjoyed being able to customize it since he’s not a huge fan of the traditional beans.  It said it was fairly sweet, but tasty.


Finally, we got a side of Jackfruit (Langka) ice cream.  This was surprisingly good as I don’t typically like fruit flavored ice creams.  But the flavor wasn’t too overpowering and it had a nice creaminess to it.  There are very few manufacturers of this specific flavor, so it was a unique find.

I also ordered up a boba drink, but it got lost in the shuffle.  It was fine though because I didn’t realize how big the snoice was.  It was enough to satisfy me, Jorgina, and the kiddos!











One of the best things of the night was meeting Jayrell, Dianne, and their little one.  They were so nice and had a wonderful story to tell.  Their vision for the future of SNOICE is exciting and they even started up a kickstarter campaign recently.

If you’d like to help them see that vision come true, click on the picture above to see the details.

As an entrepreneur, I always love rooting for other small business owners… especially those who are trying to build communities.

Overall though, we had a very enjoyable visit to SNOICE and will certainly be back.  Let us know if you check it out and what you had.

*Please note that were invited to try SNOICE and our desserts were provided complimentary.  However, our opinions remain our own.


8423 Paradise Valley Rd, Ste B
Spring Valley, CA 91977

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