Grater Grilled Cheese in La Jolla

Grater - LJ

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?  Ooey, gooey, and cheezy goodness always puts a big smile on our face.

Recently Darren and I had the opportunity to check out Grater Grilled Cheese in  La Jolla.

Grater - LJ

This quaint grilled cheese shop is decorated brightly to remind you of cheese!

Grater - LJ

You order up front at the counter and receive a number.

There was no one there when we got there, but it the queue grew quickly once we sat down.

Grater - LJ
Tomato Basil Bisque
Grater - LJ
The “Basic 5” with butter fried lobster, snow crab and our signature Sierra Nevada pale ale chipotle aioli.

We immediately honed in our their lobster grilled cheese, and also got a cup of tomato basil bisque to accompany it.

The bisque was a wonderful addition to this grilled cheese as it added some acidity to the bites of lobster and cheese.

It was quite tasty, but we did notice the sandwich cooled down quickly (that’s the problem with taking a lot of pictures before you eat!).  There were also a couple spots that were missing some filling.  So, consider redistributing the gooey goodness before you take your first bites.

Grater - LJ
Avocado Grilled Cheese – Basic 5 Gilled Cheese with avocado, tomato, applewood bacon, arugula and beer chipotle aioli.

Our favorite grilled cheese of the night was the Avocado.

The irony is that it was missing the avocado initially.  However, they rectified it quickly.

I wonder if it got confused with the B.A.T. which is almost identical, but without the avocado.

In hindsight, this sandwich actually seemed better balanced without the avocado.  So, I’ll probably get the B.A.T. next time.  The chipotle aioli added in the right about of spice and the tomatoes were a great addition.

Grater - LJ

Grater - LJ
Grater 5 cheese blend and the GRATER hamburger patty. (The housemade patties are made 100% California Angus Beef) on Artisan sourdough bread. Includes one spread.

Finally, we ordered up the Carnivore Grilled Cheese with some fries.

This was a tasty sandwich that was a borderline cheeseburger.

It’s definitely heavier, so if you want something substantial, this is where you should direct your attention.

If I were to order it again, I’d probably request some arugula, tomato, and chipotle aioli inside.  Those additions would make it even more kick-ass in my opinion.

Grater - LJ

The fries were decent and hot.  It came with some ketchup, mayo, and chipotle aioli.

All in all, we were very satisfied with our meal here.

We’ll definitely be back and eager to try of their other grilled cheese creations.

Grater Grilled Cheese also has a store open in Mission Valley for those of you that are more in central San Diego.

Grater - LJ Grater - LJ

Please note that we were provided our meal complimentary, but our opinion remains our own.

While we were dining there, we realized that we had previously dined at their grilled cheese truck, Greengo Grilled Cheese.

Grater was actually inspired by this truck that started up back in 2011.  Check out our review of Greego here!

Grater Grilled Cheese – La Jolla
723 Pearl St.
La Jolla, CA 92037

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2 Comments on “Grater Grilled Cheese in La Jolla”

  1. Ooh I totally forgot about tomato soup on our visit! We also eyed the carnivore sandwich but decided we’d be too full after eating that! I really want a grilled cheese sandwich now (see what happens when you read while hungry?).

    hmm I thought their food truck would have had the same name. interesting… 🙂

    1. You know what was kinda funny, Lynn? Darren and I totally forgot it was the same because of the name. Darren knew instinctively we had eaten something similar (even if it was 5 years ago). Then while we were eating in the dining area, they had a TV scrolling some past reviews and we saw our logo come up for the Greengo truck!

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