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Opened in July of 2016, Square Bar Cafe keeps on adding new things to their menu. They have all sorts of drinks, desserts, and even food. Some of them include the pizza bagel, rainbow bagel, and double cups which basically is two drinks in one cup. I know, crazy stuff. But all welcomed in my book. This visit took place before they served any of these creations. So here I am dusting off this post.

When I first walked in and saw the menu I kind of got confused. There’s not much on it, yet my eyes wandered around trying to figure out what to focus on. Should I get a drank? Wait, they have other specialty drinks on the right hand side. Do I want food? No, there isn’t anything listed there. They’ve probably filled that empty spot with some of their food options by now, so all is well in the land of menu choices.

Luckily my eyes settled on this and the decision was made. I was to get a cereal cone with some sort of ice cream. 

But what would a visit to a place that served boba be without you guessed it, boba! Michael opted for the house coffee sea cream which he did enjoy quite a bit. I think he’s come back for it a few times since our initial visit. I got the classic milk tea. Really, I just wanted the bottle. The tea wasn’t anything special. 

Michael, Jorgina, and the kids all shared this cute bowl of ice cream. I wonder how fast it would disappear? On top is strawberry with chocolate and underneath is cookies and cream. 

Here MJ have almost given up trying to compete with the kids, scoop for scoop. The kids will always win that game. If and when I have kids, I hope to learn from them on how best to handle these situations without going crazy. I title this picture, “focus”. They did enjoy the ice cream quite a bit.

Last but certainly not least, I went with one more treat. Coffee and cookie ice cream with a french toast cereal cone and cookie crisp cereal on top. I never had french toast cereal before. I don’t even think they had that when I was a kid or else my mom would have probably got it for me. She served us the healthiest meals, yes she did. If you’re wondering how the french toast cereal is sticking to the cone I think it was some sort of sticky marshmallow attached. Good thing I love marshmallow. Everything about this was great. My only small tiny wish was that the french toast cereal be a little fresher. It seemed a little stale, like if you leave a bowl of cereal overnight. Still, the flavor was all I thought it would be and more.

Final Thoughts

Some people bash cereal and ice cream, but I always have associated cereal with dessert. Cocoa Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are definitely more dessert than breakfast. 🙂 My favorite was the ice cream but with these double cups I will be forced to try some of their other drinks.  It’s a good time to be in SD for sweet seekers.

Square Bar Cafe
4488 Convoy St., Ste H
San Diego, CA 92111

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