Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce

Who loves hot sauce!? We were contacted by Gringo Bandito to test out their hot sauce lineup. I have been known to add hot sauce to many a meal so it was great to have a chance to try something new.


There are three main varieties they currently sell, red, green, and super hot. You may or may not recognize the blond gentleman on the front of the bottle. It’s Dexter Holland, the lead singer of the band The Offspring. I love The Offspring, especially in high school. It is awesome he created his own hot sauce. 

It started as a hobby but has grown quite a bit over the 10+ years since he started giving them away as Christmas presents to his family and friends in 2004. Now they sell them all over the country in stores like Whole Foods, Albertsons and Ralphs. You can also get it online on Amazon or on their website.

How best to test out the hot sauce? I whipped up some guacamole first. You can’t go wrong with that. It was pretty simple here with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro, and avocado.

But wait, how would it taste with the red Gringo Bandito hot sauce? Very tasty addition to the party. If guacamole is the kazoo at the new year’s party, adding Gringo Bandito is like having a sparkler show up in your hand for a little extra fun. The sauce had a slight subtle tangy kick on the front, with a tiny lingering spice that trickles down the back of your throat. I like things kicked up a notch so I added a little bit more after this picture.

What else could I do with the sauce? Well, add chips, cheese, beans, chicken, and the guac I just made and you have yourself a nacho fest. Everything on this plate deserves a place in my mouth and stomach. 

I tested the green sauce and the super hot with individual chips. The super hot actually wasn’t that much hotter to me even though it contains scorpion peppers. The heat just lingered a little bit longer and had a more lasting effect. The green was also nice but I preferred the red in the end, probably for the mere fact that I could consume more without having to let up. The original is just so hard to beat in not just movies, but food too.

These recipes are based on the guacamole and super nachos recipes found here.


All in all I rather enjoyed the hot sauces and may have even liked them more due the fact that a part of one of my favorite childhood bands was behind it. They are preservative free and contain up to 70% less salt than other major competitors. Still, I didn’t even add any salt to the guacamole. If you are like me and like hot sauce to add a little spice to your life, check them out.

Gringo Bandito

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