Roast Sandwich Shop at the Liberty Public Market San Diego


Look what I found recently at the Liberty Station Public Market!  Roast.

It’s a small eatery inside the market that just made it’s debut a few months ago.

I decided to go check it out one day after eating lunch with some friends at Corvette Diner (since I was in the area!).

roast store

Inside is no frills.  There isn’t a lot of room, but they seem focused with their menu which is a good thing.

roast menu

They specialize in roast beef, chicken, pork, and meatballs.

roast drinks

Drinks are served up cold straight from an ice cooler.

roast 1

Okay, here we go.  This is the fresh roast beef being cut for my sandwich.

roast chicken

Right next to the beef is freshly roasted chicken which looks interesting also.

roast pork

Next up, check out the pork!  Oooohhh.  I definitely have to make another trip back to try these out.

roast chicaron

Finally, here’s a stack of chicharron.

roast beef 1

Okay, back to the roast beef.

roast pesto 1

Adding in some chimichurri sauce to my sandwich.

roast pesto 2

A little bit more!

roast sticker

Wrapped and taken to go.

roast 2

But, I had to try it fresh.  So, even though I had just eaten lunch… well, I ate again.

The entire half!

roast 5

Final Thoughts

So was it worth it?


The roast beef was fantastic.  It was super flavorful with just the right amount of saltiness (not overboard, and not lacking either).  The chimichurri added in another nice level along with the pickled red onions.  Oh, and the bread was fresh and delicious too.

The cost was just a little over $10.  It was a bit pricey I thought initially, but I’d definitely get it again since it was a well rounded and tasty sandwich.

My only dilemma now will be should I try something new the next time?  Or, go with the roast beef sandwich again which I know will please me.

Hmm… perhaps it’ll have to be BOTH.
Point Loma, Liberty Station
2820 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, CA 92106

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