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Poke! It’s everywhere and there is no stopping it. We visited Pokirrito a few weeks after it opened on Convoy in one of my most hated parking lots on the planet. If you know it, I’m sorry you have had to experience it too. It’s next to Raki Raki Ramen and Tapioca Express. 

The line went out the door and people were buzzing about poke!

The menu seems pretty straight forward. You can order two sizes of bowls and customize as you please.

They also offer sushi burrito’s. Yes I know. This is not normal. Just because you can wrap something up in a burrito shape, doesn’t mean you should. Oh well, if you can’t stop it, might as well try it. Here they make things easy for you and have put together some combinations so you can just choose what sounds the best. 

Like most other poke places, we found it to be clean and well laid out amongst the chaos of getting each customer served. 

Our large bowl is being mixed and we were getting ready for the moment.

That’s our burrito we had to order because that’s what we do. 

Our bowl is getting taller, and we likey. 

Here’s the end result. That is pretty! Not pretty enough to leave alone for too long though. Our base we got half white rice and half kale. For our seafood we chose albacore, tuna, salmon, and spicy tuna. Other ingredients we added to our bowl include seaweed salad, green onions, sesame seeds, cucumbers, avocado, and we opted for the sweet chili soy sauce to be mixed in.

I actually really enjoyed this. Aside from the salmon that is. I was able to navigate away from most of the yuck land mines and give them to Michael. 😛 I thought we added too much and it would just taste like one monotonous flavor. But that wasn’t the case at all. Once I got the lay of the land I was able to form the right bite and put together nice combinations. I wouldn’t say the avocado is necessary but if you like avo, it can’t hurt. My favorite seafood probably was the albacore and tuna. 

I was very hesitant about the burrito. I prefer burritos come from places like Lolitas or Super Sergio’s. Hey since they offer it, I tell myself it’s for the blog. We took the advice of one of the burrito maestro’s and went with the Pokirrito Classic which has tuna, crab meat, tamago, broccoli slaw, butter lettuce, lotus chips, masago, cilantro, shiso tempura chips, and their golden ratio pokirrito sauce. 

Begrudgingly, I kind of liked it. They definitely didn’t put as much sauce in the burrito as they did in the bowl. I wanted to hate it. I will admit all of the flavors and textures worked. Still, I prefer a bowl because I like to control the different things going into my mouth a little more precisely. The portion should get most people full.

All in all I was impressed with Pokirrito. It’s definitely one of my favorite places I have tried for poke in San Diego so far. What’s your favorite place to grab a bowl?

4646 Convoy St., Ste 101-A
San Diego, CA 92111
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