San Diego Poke Co. – Normal Heights

San Diego Poke Co.

Yes!! San Diego Poke Co. has expanded into a new location located in Normal Heights.

We visited their first Mission Valley location back in July of 2016.  They were one of the first poke places to open up shop in San Diego before it became “all the rage”.

New Location


Luckily, we were invited back to try out their latest location.


Their layout is clean, simple, and modern.  To me, this points to the freshness of their fish.


Today I brought along my good friend, Russ, who is a fellow foodie and poke lover!

New Things to Try

We were in for a treat but didn’t know it.


Have you ever seen a pineapple poke bowl!?  I certainly hadn’t.


Check this out… love love the colors!!

In fact, we had some random lady come by our table and ended up literally taking 30 pictures!

I was thinking, “Hey, let me get in there already!”


For our fish selection, we chose tuna, spicy tuna, and salmon.

All of them were very fresh and dressed up with their original sauce (blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, & honey).

My Favorite


Next up, they had us try one of their signature wraps.  This is the “Oh No Wrap” which you can also get as a “burger”.

Inside we found tuna, hot cheetos, jalapeno, green onion, white onion, furikake, and their Oh No (spicy mayo) sauce.

I really loved this one.  The spice was intense but it really accented the flavors of the wrap.  Russ really like the quality of the nori wrapper.

And we both really liked the balanced ratio of ingredients.  All too often, I find these “wraps” or “burritos” off balanced… i.e. too much rice.


Finally, we were handed some salmon tacos with their original sauce.  Super fresh and delicious!  (I think Darren may have even liked this one.)

The seaweed salad was a nice touch on top, and you really can’t go wrong with a wonton taco shell.


To drink we had their Cucumber Lime Chia Fresca.

It was super refreshing and the chia seeds added an interesting texture… almost like mini boba (well, sorta).


I don’t think I’ve ever had an orchid alongside my poke before, and why not!

Wait, There’s More




Finally, just as we were about to leave, they said, “wait, how about some dessert!”.

I hadn’t noticed these right away when we came in, but they had a nice assortment of mochi ice creams and macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Russ was excited because they had Bubbies!  Apparently, he had them once before in Hawaii and they were super fresh.

I was excited because he was excited!

Anyhow, I couldn’t decide which dessert to try, so we just tried out BOTH.

Russ got a mango Bubbie and I tried the pistachio Bubbie.

Unfortunately, the mochi on the mango one was not as fresh as it could be and it didn’t have the chewy texture that fresh mochi is best known for.  It did seem like mine was better than Russ’, but I’m no mochi connoisseur.  😉

I did thoroughly enjoy my coffee macaron ice cream sandwich, as did Russ. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Overall, we found the newest location of San Diego Poke Co. to be a hit.

We liked that they are creatively changing things up, while still being true to the essence of poke.

If you haven’t tried them before, check em’ out and let us know what you think.

*As mentioned, we were invited to dine here and our meals were provided complimentary. No compensation was received and our opinions remain our own.

San Diego Poke Co.
3533 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

(619) 501-5960

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