California Fish Grill – Mission Valley

California Fish Grill

I recently dined at California Fish Grill in Mission Valley (my old stomping grounds!) and was happily surprised.

They offer a great value given the price of their dishes/portion size, and they were quite delicious too.


California Fish Grill is located in Mission Valley next to the Aaron Brothers and the same shopping center as Kabob Shop.

Parking was ample.  Inside was a bit busy and they didn’t have a ton of inside seating.  However, if the weather is nice out, they have a few outside tables which could be a good option in the warmer months.

The Food

Brussels Sprouts (Balsamic glazed) – $3.95

These are the side of brussels sprouts which were fresh and flavorful.

Battered Fish & Chips – $8.99

One of my favorites was their fish and chips.  At just $9 it was a steal!!  You get three large pieces of battered fish.

They even have a condiments bar where you can select your favorite tartar sauce, etc.

Swai (White Fish) – $8.79

This is the swai which is a white flaky fish.  I loved this also because it was super reasonable cost wise.  I ordered this with their chimichurri sauce which was savory and tangy.

I’ve ordered this and the fish and chips twice now on separate occasions.

Atlantic Salmon – $12.49

Finally, Jorgina tried their salmon in their garlic butter sauce.  This one was decent but not as good as the other two in my opinion as it was ever so slightly overcooked.

All the fish dishes come with two sides.  Jorgina ordered the grilled zucchini which was fabulous.

She also got their Kale slaw (not pictured, but you can see it on the Swai plate).  I really enjoyed the slaw because it was well balanced and a touch sweet/tangy.

Final Thoughts

Fantastic deal for $34!

Anyhow, I’ll be back soon.  I love fresh fish coupled with well-prepared veggies.  I want to try the catfish, trout, and calamari next.

California Fish Grill is apparently a chain with several locations in Orange County and L.A.

I wish all chains could execute like this one!


California Fish Grill
1530 Camino de la Reina, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: 619-541-8723

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