Is Ellenos Worth the Hype?

Happy Holiday, friends! 2020 has been quite the year. So, it’s always nice to take a break by sampling new good eats in and around San Diego.

Ellenos Greek Yogurt

This past week, we were treated to some samples of Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt. They are a well-known brand out of Seattle that originated from the famous Pike’s Place marketplace (love that place!).

Anyhow, they’ve been busy expanding their distribution across the states and can be found locally in San Diego in markets like Whole Foods, Gelsons, and Bristol Farms to name a few.

Here’s a quick review of the samples we tried the past week. Note the samples were free (thanks Ellenos!), but the opinions are our own (including my son’s).

What a great little cooler bag the yogurts came packed in.

We received an assortment of their classic flavors: Regular, Vanilla, Marion Berry, Lemon Curd, Mango, and Passion Fruit.

Our First Bite

Our first taste of Ellenos was their vanilla bean which I share with my son.

First Impressions

As you can see, he didn’t like it at all! haha

No, he loved it.

Although we shared it, he probably ate 75% of it and kept yelling “yummy“!

What I appreciated about the Ellenos yogurt was that it was super smooth, light, and creamy. I didn’t have a pungent punch like some Greek yogurts in the past, yet it still had a distinct balanced flavor that made us grin.

Next up was the Passion Fruit that my daughter and wife tried. (They are both super into passionfruit.)

As you can see with this one, it is quite visual with the passion fruit and seeds on the bottom.

The plain was unsweetened, and yet it was still quite nice.  I ate half of it with some Bear Naked Cacao & Cashew Butter which was the perfect compliment.

The other half I ended up using in a savory context as I was cooking the kids some stroganoff for lunch. I didn’t have any sour cream on hand and realized the unsweetened yogurt could potentially work. And, I was right! It was perfect and in some ways even better due to the quality and texture of the yogurt.

My Favorite

Over the next few days, we sampled the Mango and Marionberry flavors too (not pictured). These were really good too, although my favorite I saved for last…

The Ellenos Lemon Curd yogurt was the bomb! It was truly the perfect pairing for this decadent yogurt. The lemon curd was sweet and tangy and sung brightly alongside the creamy yogurt. I highly recommend you try this one!

Final Thoughts

Overall we were very impressed with Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt.

I can see why they’ve collected a loyal following over the years and they’ve added a few more fans from our household.

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