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It’s been a while since I’ve tried out a food delivery service, but Meal Prep Sunday reached out and asked if we’d like to try their local service here in San Diego.

I was happy to give them a try since this company is devoted to combining fitness and taste… two components that are super important to me!

Delivery was nice and easy. It arrived on Monday and the driver was great at communicating when the food would (and did) arrive.

I was out when it came, but found it tucked nicely behind our front porch pillar right where I requested it to be.

The cooler bag contained a sizable ice pack to keep all of the food cool. It was nicely organized and included instructions on how to organize and modify your meals going forward.

There were a few layers of food inside, enough to cover a week’s worth of food for a person.

Everything was vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and longevity which we appreciated.

We did have 2-3 repeats, however, and I’m not sure if that’s indicative of the menu, or what they had remaining for us to sample.

I was hoping to see some breakfast items, but it only seems like lunch/dinner plates… oh well.

The quiche was a nice size and pretty substantial. My wife and son devoured this one quickly, although I did have a taste and it was great!

We put it in the air fryer to heat it up which was the perfect way to crisp up the outside.

A lot of the meals had an assortment of fresh veggies which I loved. This particular one had a sweet potato mash and sauteed asparagus.

This Italian Sausage pasta was one of the repeat meals I received. Thankfully it was excellent – delicious and healthy as well. So we didn’t mind eating this multiple times. However, I think I’d request a bit more variety the next time.

I decided to add some avocado one day which was an excellent addition to this meal in particular.

You can see all of the fresh ingredients here. Again, I was impressed with the flavors of the meals. Presentation-wise, the meals are simple and organized into reheatable containers. Most have microwave instructions, although if you have time you can elevate the taste and textures with a different heating method.

So this meal was the closest to breakfast given the eggs and sausage, but I’m still not sure. Either way, I heated this up in a pan and again it was very tasty.

I was looking forward to trying their salmon, however, we didn’t get that so I can’t write about that.

Overall Meal Prep San Diego delivered some very tasty meals. I appreciated the health-conscious focus while not sacrificing taste.

Most importantly, this service will save you a ton of time not having to prep or spend time thinking about what to eat. There’s great value in that alone. So, I’d definitely recommend Meal Prep Sunday!

To find out more about their services and prices, you can visit their website:


Meal Prep Sunday Services

2381 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081
(888) 632-5918


** [I was provided these meals for free in exchange for an honest review of their service/food. No other compensation was received.]

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  1. A convenient solution for healthy, ready-to-eat meals. Thanks for highlighting this service—we’re excited to try their nutritious and delicious options to make our weekly meal planning easier and more enjoyable!

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