About Us


So if it’s not apparent enough… we LOVE to eat!

Isn’t food great?  Food satisfies us at our core.

Besides providing nourishment, eating unifies family and friends, and offers endless variety and adventure every day!

And, what better place to experience food than sunny San Diego!?  Our quest for the best food in San Diego is never-ending and we love it.  Thanks for taking this journey with us.

Darren, Chef Rick Moonen, Michael, Jorgina











SanDiegoFood.net was born as the creation of 2 cousins (Michael & Darren), Michael’s wife (Jorgina), and a community of foodies searching for the best food San Diego has to offer.

We know that everyone likes something a little different, so we will do our best to explore all kinds of food…

It’s a bit crazy to think we started this in 2010!  Since then many things have evolved.

Jorgina and I now have 2 little ones of our own (which you’ll see from time to time).  Darren has officially moved up to the Bay area in 2017 (although never say never to a surprise return!).

So, it’s pretty much just me left.  But don’t worry, I have a lot of foodie friends who help me with new content and scouting out interesting places to try.




Darren, Chef Keegan Gerhard, Michael










Darren, Chef Marcela Valladolid, Michael










Jorgina, Chef Brian Malarkey, Michael